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Healthy bodies are connected to healthy bone. Maintaining the balanced ratio in bone as we age is important to avoid bone loss and osteoporosis. This takes more than calcium - more than minerals. Bonesse is an innovation in bone health. The key ingredient in Bonesse, is GemiCol®, a breakthrough in bone health. GemiCol is highly bioavailable, providing pre-bone substructures extracted from nutrient sources that are not easily available through the diet, but which are vital to bone regeneration. GemiCol maintains the beneficial properties from the original sources, while removing the negative components. Bonesse supports bone synthesis to help repair, restore and maintain bone health.

Bonesse is intended for people who need to support bone health, help build bone structure and to support an active lifestyle throughout life. Bonesse is available for adults of all ages and children (over age 12).


OstiGen is a dramatic advancement in the science of healthy bone formation. OstiGen is an advanced biopharmaceutical formulation with an active ingredient that contains substructures for bone formation in a USFP-patented complex.

Designed by USFP to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and for addressing the needs of bone mass, OstiGen is ideal for use by people at high risk for bone health issues. In combination with healthcare professionals to help patient awareness OstiGen offers a program of personalized medicine available for bone health monitoring.

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