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advancing science, innovating through regenerative medicine

U.S. Foods & Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (USFP) is dedicated to research and development of solutions from nutrient substructures with regenerative therapeutic uses against diseases affected by metabolic imbalances.





In this day and age of corporations that are defined by profitability and risk reduction, the need to build a corporation that focuses on humanity and the human condition with an ability to quickly react to changing markets is ever more necessary.

To that end, USFP has long held the belief that it is more important to invest in intellectual property, to innovate solutions and to focus on using better, sustainable, and renewable processes that bring benefits to all stakeholders. 

We believe its role is to promote human and veterinary health with the ability to react to market changes adeptly.

Our core value is its investment in new ideas and new markets while maintaining a position of profit-driven development and controlled market growth. 

USFP was founded on the principle that the power in nano structures from nutrient sources have potential regenerative and therapeutic benefit.

USFP has ground-breaking technology for profiling nutrient substructures for biological function. This development is advancing the understanding the role nutrient, hormonal and stem cell connectivity play in biological function.

We are also furthering the understanding the role of nutrient extract substructures in metabolic imbalances, the source of many disease conditions.

USFP patented process isolates, extracts, and perfects substructures from nutrient sources into bioavailable compounds.

The perfection process results in compounds that maintain functional benefits, while removing undesirable components or effects.

The application for this technology has been identified to have impact in metabolically-affected diseases including conditions related to the bone, muscle, tendon, and joints.

Studies have shown dramatic impact in biomarkers for bone turnover, low bone mass and osteoporosis.

U.S. Foods & Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has a platform of development from over 30 years of nutritional research based in development and perfection of manufacturing processes and leading scientific investigation.

Our research behind the structural, nutritional and biological effects of protein, mineral and co-factors combined with research in epidemiological, metabolic effects in disease states drives our efforts in regenerative medicine


The needs for populations on the global level to maintain health, recovery from injury and disease in an ethical manner drives our agenda of maintaining public health, affordably.


Our goal – to develop therapeutic formulations from ethical sources that hold great potential to help people, while maintaining a cost-effective value approach to care, focused in prevention as well as therapy.


We strive to implement and advocate for better, safer, more effective products in human and veterinary health.

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